Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally A 2011 Finish!

The scooter rally quilt is finished, and I can't believe it took me until the end of March to finish a quilt in 2011. I echo quilted the medallion, which was the first time I tried that. It came out better than I expected, not as good as I had hoped. Doesn't everyone hope their first time doing a new skill is almost perfect? I knew the likelihood of perfection was practically non-existent, and once the center was finished being quilted, my mistakes were not so obvious. I meandered on the rest of the quilt, and it mimics the ropes on the backing fabric. I debated on binding colors, but I'm happy with the black, it needed a bit more black. The quilt is now hanging at a local scooter shop, Scoot Over, and the raffle it will be given away at, will support Ben's Bells, a local charity.

I haven't had a chance to quilt for months, and I really enjoyed getting to do it again. Funny how intimidating I initially found free motion quilting, and now I so enjoyed getting to do it again.

I need to figure out something else for the next time I quilt. Quilting in the living room just doesn't work with so many of us living here. It was disruptive to all of us. I'm trying to figure out how to fit the cabinet with the Juki in my sewing room. I figured out how to fit the bigger cabinet in, but to have it all the way open, I'd have to store the cabinet with the Bernina in the shed. My other option is to put the cabinets back to back, but not be able to use the back leaf of the quilting cabinet. It's going to make for one crowded sewing room, but at least I could get some of the quilt tops I have ready quilted that way. I would hate to not have access to the Bernina, as it's my main piecing machine, although I can piece on the Juki. Either way, the table with the Brother is going to be packed away for while. I'll try to figure that out after I finish the rally bags and the cool ties. I doubt I'll be rearranging until May. I have time to think about it, and what would work best.

No sewing tomorrow, it's our wedding anniversary (27 years) and I'm taking the day off!

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Stephanie Newman said...

Congratulation on your wedding anniversary! And on your first finish for 2011. Hey, its not a race, so what does it matter if you didn't finish anything till now? Enjoy the process an the journey, the quilt has worked up very nicely.
Think your idea of back to back cabinets is a good one, so long as you can wiggle around the outside to access other areas of your room having your two favourite machines accessible at all times is a good idea. You'll have more room for large tops to spread out as you are piecing them, as well.