Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cutting, Cutting

I wish I could say I made great progress on the rally quilt this weekend, but I didn't sew a stitch. I dug out the fusible webbing and drew the shapes on it, so it's ready to be ironed onto fabric and cut out, but I got no farther than that.

I did, however, get the rally bags cut out. The bags will be the bandanna fabric and the shredded denim on the outside, and the white muslin will be the lining. Seventy-two bags ready to be sewn, as soon as I have the chance. This pile represents about 24 yards of muslin, 10 yards of bandanna fabric, and 9 yards of shredded denim. It took several hours of my weekend to get all of this cut to size, and my kitchen looked like a denim dog shed all over it when I was done cutting the shredded denim.

The muslin is not the best quality, and I'll be happy to see it go. The bandanna fabric I like, but I have some more of it (I bought two bolts and have half of one bolt left), and the shredded denim I only paid $1.50 per yard for, and I can get more for the same price should I decide I want more. All in all, making things for the rally is making room on my shelves. I bought most of the fabric for the rally quilt, but the backing is from stash. The rally bags and cool ties are all from stash. I've bought some fabric recently, but not near as much as is leaving the sewing room, so I'm feeling no guilt for the purchases I have made.

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Stephanie Newman said...

Woah Melodie, that's serious production going on...shame there isn't a cutting die for that, huh?

Maybe you should hold a sewing class for members of the scooter club so that they can all pitch in and help cut and sew them next time- you could have fun together and divide the labour.