Sunday, March 6, 2011

So Much Fabric, So Much Fun!

This store is just a few miles from my house. It's not in a pretty building, things are not all lined up and organized, but goodness, do they have some good deals! The store is SAS Fabrics, and if you can sew with it, they probably have it. DH and I went there on Saturday, looking for some snake fabric for DGS#1 new I Spy quilt. I've already checked a few other stores in town and hadn't had any luck. Well, I still didn't get any snake fabric, but I bet they had some, I just didn't find it.

I have been very conservative about buying fabric since my year of no-buy, and I've pretty much only gotten things I was going to use immediately, but Saturday, DH and I dug through stacks of fabric, and I bought some great remnants for no other reason than I liked them.

These are all one yard and under pieces, some as little as 8 inches.

These pieces I haven't folded yet, because I need to cut some squares for DGS quilt. Nothing here more than about 14 inches.

These four pieces I bought at least 2 yards each. The pirate parrots and the dragon fabric I bought 5 yards each. After a scrub top for DH, I'll have either enough left for pajama pants or to put in a quilt as a focus fabric.

Only the pirate and dragon fabrics were more than $3.99 a yard. They are incredibly generous when measuring, so I actually got much more fabric than I paid for. Everyone that works there is so nice, and this store is just a blast. I haven't been in there for quite a while, because the easiest way to avoid buying fabric is to avoid fabric stores. DH had as much fun searching for novelty fabrics as I did. He has a vested interest in anything I get yardage of, since it may end up as new scrub top for him.

I had something I really need to get sewed this weekend, but it didn't happen. I did finally get the curtains made for the nursery, so something got done. I'll have to really lock myself in the sewing room on Tuesday morning and all day Thursday to have a chance to finish things on schedule. I'm babysitting tomorrow, and I have to watch the twins on Tuesday afternoon so DD#3 can go to her doctor appointment. Today my sister came down to visit, and on Wednesday, DH's sister will be here. With all of that going on, plus normal upkeep of a household of eight, and I'm going to be a busy lady this week.


Katie M. said...

I didn't even have to read your post and I knew that was SAS! I love that place. I can 'hop' the quilt stores in Tucson and walk out empty handed, but go to SAS and I do some serious fabric shopping. I think it's the thrill of the hunt :-)

Stephanie Newman said...

Wish I had half your luck! What an amazing store, you guys get great deals on fabrics. Total eye candy from the overall photo, it must be a fun place to visit.