Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Husband, Crash

My husband has earned a new nickname, I'm calling him Crash now. He had his third scooter accident yesterday, this time earning a broken elbow and maybe wrist. We're going to a specialist today and they will reevaluate the x rays. I'm thankful he wasn't hurt more severely, and since it's his right arm and he's left handed it's not so bad.

I finished the small stars for the scooter rally quilt while Mr. S was napping yesterday and DH was having his x rays taken. I needed to stay busy so I wouldn't worry.

I finished the last quilt top I'm making with 4" flannel squares, in fact, this quilt is far more denim than flannel.

Here are my last 10 flannel squares. SHHH, don't tell the scrap police but I am throwing them away. My creativity has run dry on what to do with these.

What flannel do I have left? I have 22 5" squares. I am pairing 21 of those with 21 denim squares and making one more small quilt top. The last square goes in the trash guilt-free. I have a few orphan blocks made with flannel, but I've already pieced them together to use in the backs of these quilts. My flannel container is now EMPTY!


swooze said...

OUCH! Hope he has a speedy recovery.

Stephanie Newman said...

Whoooops, shame about the crash, here's to fast mending bones. And, lucky as you say he is left handed.
Those starts look lovely for your scooter quilt. Did you use your Accuquilt Go to cut them?