Tuesday, March 22, 2011

End of the Flannel

Here it is, finally, the last of the flannel stash into a quilt top. I have a huge pile of tops to be quilted now. I like to quilt in the dead of summer, because with my quilting set-up, it's cooler to quilt than to piece, especially if I'm assembling a quilt. If I can spend all of August quilting, I'll have a bunch of finishes. For now, I'm still piecing.

This is going to be the center of the scooter rally quilt. Everything is fused on, but I haven't done any of the stitching for the applique. I'll be adding some details on the scooter as I do the applique. I debated using a plain background, or this sepia ranch scene fabric. I thought the sepia background was more interesting, and the plain background too plain. Did you notice the scooter handlebars are really cow horns? I tried to mimic Hereford coloring on the scooter. I think once it's all outlined with satin stitching it will show up well enough.

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