Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's a Top!

My DGS's quilt is at top stage. DS the Elder flies into town tonight, to spend just a couple of days. I am thinking if I spend time with him, I can pin-baste the quilt Saturday morning, quilt all weekend, babysit Monday, finish quilting and bind on Tuesday, and mail this off on Wednesday before we leave for vacation on Thursday! It will be tight, but I think I can get it done. I pieced the backing today, so it's all ready to go.

My favorite suitcase just fits my sewing machine, so I am already packing it with sewing supplies for our trip. I am so anxious for some down time, both for sewing and just relaxing with DH. It's been crazy lately, and we can really use the break.

I just realized my next post is my 300th! I try to do a blog giveaway every 1oo posts, and I am planning one, but I won't do it until after my vacation. I may blog before or during vacation (got to love having a laptop) so it won't be right at my 300th post. Please forgive me for not being timely on this. I really will do the giveaway, just a little late. Maybe I can find something really great to add to the giveaway on our trip! Make sure to come back and check out the giveaway, probably in about two weeks :-)

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