Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Baker's Dozen

I am done with my shirt cutting spree! All my new containers are neatly put away with freshly cut strips just waiting patiently for their turn to play.

Here is what I've gotten done on step one of the Orca Bay Mystery- a baker's dozen of hourglass blocks. I am basically doing a photo negative of Bonnie's quilt, much like I did with RRCB. I am putting darks where she has lights and lighter (none of my colors are very light this time) colors where she has dark, so the brown is my neutral, and the yellow-golds are my black.

Here are my pairs just waiting to be made into whole units. I have all of the triangles sewn into pairs, so I am really not too far from being done step one. Each of these piles are the same within the pile, and I am mixing them up as I sew them into units. I like to have lots of variety in my units. I will trim all the dog ears while watching a movie or something when I am finished all of the units.

As I was going through pics from DD#1's visit, I saw this one and I think it's my favorite. Mr. Z was pretending to drive Gramps (my DH) around. They were having a blast together! DH had to bring the Red Rocket back to it's owner today, so no more playing with that. He'll have to play with his own scooters now, but I think this has given him the itch to get a sidecar.

Today I didn't do anything in the sewing room besides take the photos in this post. Today was an errand day, and I'm just not feeling that great, so no energy to do anything besides the minimum.

Tomorrow is another day with some errands, we're going to buy the twins their first shoes! They are crawling now and pulling up on things. It is too cool for them to be barefoot, but they slide too much in their socks, even the gripper socks don't grip enough since our floors are tile. I guess it's time for shoes to help them stop sliding and hopefully, eliminate some of the falls, though some are inevitable at this stage. Maybe I will get some sewing done tomorrow.

Thanksgiving is done at our house. DH is working on Thanksgiving anyway. Aren't you glad Emergency Rooms aren't closed on holidays? I think the girls and I are going to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade then go see the new Muppet movie on Thursday. This will be the first Thanksgiving I haven't cooked in many, many years.

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