Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It Took So Much More Than a Village!

Have you ever heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child" ? Well, DD#1 and her family just finished visiting us from South Africa, and I know it took far more than a village for that trip to occur. Three round-trip plane tickets from South Africa to the USA are not cheap, and none of us could afford them. With the help of people on both sides of the ocean chipping in, the plane tickets were purchased.

Since we already have six people in the house, adding three more was going to make things very crowded. Some friends lent us a 30' RV and parked it in our backyard for their stay, so they could have their own space.

Another friend babysat so we could go see a show, yet another friend lent DH her scooter with a sidecar to take Mr. Z for scooter rides. Mr. Z loves his motah bikes and scootahs! Their trip wouldn't have happened at all without help from a bunch of great people, and it was made much better by others willing to lend their time, talents and possessions. Whenever you get discouraged about the way the world is going, remember there are still great people out there, they just don't make the news.

Here are DSIL, Mr. Z, and DD#1 exploring the cave at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.

Mr. Z got to have his first experience with snow up on Mt Lemmon.

Mr Z tried out a model of desert tortoise shell.

Here is their whole family playing in the snow! DSIL said it was his first real snowball fight, though he had seen snow before.

This was Mr. Z's favorite activity by far! He loved going in the scooter for rides!

Sorry the pics are out of order. DH put all of the photos on his computer, and then erased them. His computer doesn't act the same as mine when blogging, and I couldn't switch the order of pics.

After I recover from all the fun and visiting, I'll be anxious to start the mystery quilt on Friday!

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