Monday, February 13, 2012

Catch Up Posts

Life has just been so crazy lately that even when I find something I want to post about, I've been forgetting to do it. I've decided to do some catch up posts this week, while my quilting activities mostly consist of cutting out new quilts.

When DD#1 and family came back in November, they brought me some South African fabrics. Aren't these gorgeous? Most of the South African fabrics I've felt are heavier than our quilting cottons, but the red and blue on the far left are close to ours. Notice the two on the right have orange in them? Every time I go to South Africa, I always notice how popular orange is there. You see far more orange there than in the USA.

One of the things that is so fun about South African cottons, is that they are often printed on both sides. This piece had the logo of the company printed randomly on the back.

This one did too, but notice the difference? One says 3 Leopards, one is Three Cats, one is manufactured in South Africa, and one just printed in South Africa. The one manufactured in SA is heavier weight than the other.

This one had a completely different logo on it.

I just love this piece, and my daughter bought me the most of it. It is completely double sided, with a different print on each side. This piece should give you a good idea of the weight of the fabric, since you can't see the other design through the fabric at all.

I am currently cutting out a wedding quilt, and before I start sewing on it, I plan to cut out the scooter rally quilt, and some sashing for a quilt using my Quiltmaker magazine test blocks, and sashing for a baby quilt as well. I just found out I have another great-nephew on the way, so I will have to think on what I want to do for his quilt. The baby quilt I need to cut sashing for would work just fine for a boy, so I may just use it.

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angelindisguise said...

Be careful if you wash them - the gluey kind of finish will wash out and make the fabric as light as a feather. They also shrink a lot or just a little, depending on the "make" three cats more than three leopards :)
I found that cutting with the finish still in was fantastic, but then not so great when the garment shrunk. So do pre-wash them. (Juast a warning) Have fun with them though.