Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quilt Top Numbers Climbing

I picked up my new Aurora yesterday from the Bernina shop. and although I played with it some there, I have been trying to finish up what I was working on before I play with her at home. I should finish up tomorrow, then I will have the weekend to play with Roxanne, which is what I named my Aurora 440QE. It's like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey!

I assembled this baby quilt today. It took exactly a fat quarter of fabric for the sashing. I think it's funny when things work out exact like that.

I also got borders on this Indian Hatchet quilt made from men's shirts. The center has been done for months and months.

I thought I was only one seam away from having the dark Indian Hatchet quilt assembled, when I realized I had flipped a row upside down, so the diamonds didn't form right. I have two long seams to rip out, of which I've ripped one.

I've had a couple people comment on how much I've been getting done, but don't give me too much credit. Some of these quilts have had the centers together, and I am only adding borders. Most of the other ones the blocks were made and I am just assembling them all into quilt tops. All these Indian Hatchet blocks were made early last year, so it's not that I'm whipping out quilt tops, I am FINALLY sewing the blocks together after they've sat around for a year! Orca Bay and Autumn's baby quilt that I made in December have been my only recent starts on quilts. I am just moving UFO's along right now. I'm not actually finishing anything either. I am just getting them a step or two closer to being finished.

Tomorrow I will be doing more of the same. I have two quilt centers that need borders. One has the first of three borders on, I sewed that one on today. The second border is cut, I still need to cut the third. The other quilt center is getting two borders, the inner border is cut, the outer border needs to be cut. The dark Indian Hatchet will hopefully be completed tomorrow, if I can rip that last seam tonight. I already cut the inner border, and I chose an outer border, but it is going to be REALLY close on if I have enough fabric. I think I will just make it.

Does it sound crazy to work on so many quilts at once? I saw something on facebook today that made me chuckle.

"You say I am insane, that is OK with me, but I prefer the term mentally hilarious."

I don't know where the quote came from aside from Giggle Palooza.

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