Monday, January 30, 2012


Here is the pastel Indian Hatchet quilt. Pastels are not my thing, but these were too light to work with the other six inch squares I was trying to use up so they got their own quilt. The border fabric has seashells on it, which in no reflects a theme for the quilt, but the colors were right so I went for it. I had sewn the inner border on yesterday, and I cut the outer border lengthwise, so no piecing to do. It was only four seams to put the last border on, so it didn't take long, but sometimes those are the things I put off, so I'm glad that's done.

The only sewing I've done today is sewing this border on so I still haven't finished the last row of the dark Indian Hatchet quilt. I will probably finish that and assemble it as I am working on a baby quilt. I cut the sashing and cornerstones for the baby quilt today, so if I have a chance to sew in the next couple of days, I can start working on that. I have found that anything can work as leaders/enders, if you assemble your quilts as leaders/enders you are just making longer seams, but the concept works the same. I'll end up assembling the baby quilt and the dark Indian Hatchet at the same time, and that works for me.

I went through my quilt tops, and I have three without borders. One of them I know exactly what I want for borders. I've misplaced the inner border fabric I want for it, so I'll have to look for it. One top I had been stumped on, but this time when I looked at I realized I had a fabric that should make a fine border for it. I'll have to lay it out and look at it. The other I need to spread out and check the size of it. It is another Indian Hatchet, all from men's shirts. I pieced it early last year. I might leave it without borders, I think that was my original plan for that one. If it is smaller than I'd like, I'll add borders. My throw sized quilts keep getting bigger and bigger, so even if I thought it was big enough last year, I may not feel the same now.

I did a very quick count of my finished quilt tops. Some are folded with their backing fabric and those were hard to count because they are squished in a cabinet with my batting. I think I have 18 finished quilt tops. Once I get borders on the other three centers, that will be 21, and when I get the dark Indian Hatchet and the baby quilt together that will make 23. I knew they were stacking up, but I didn't realize I had quite that many.

I actually have to start some new quilts before I can go on a big quilting spree. I need a wedding quilt and the scooter rally quilt for the first half of this year. I have another grandbaby due in August, and that quilt top is made, I just need to quilt it. Believe it or not, I have a few garments on my to do list too! I am just sewing as I find time, and I am happy with my progress on turning finished blocks in quilt tops, or quilt centers into quilt tops. For right now at least, the quilting can wait.

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Kristie said...

Your quilt turned out nice! I don't use alot of pastels either, I never know how to use them. I tend to be drawn to the warmer, darker tones.

Nice to see someone that has almost as many unquilted tops as I do! :) Makes me feel like I'm not alone in this mess. I have a little over 30! :(