Monday, January 16, 2012

Assembly Line

Wow! Did I have an assembly line going today! I got the centers of three quilts together while I was assembling the Orca Bay mystery quilt. The mystery quilt is not an easy quilt to assemble, because there are not separate quilt blocks to put together then assemble. I can still build parts and then put it together, but it is easy to get things mixed up.

This block isn't sewn together yet, but I am considering this the main "block" of the quilt. I need 16 of these, then I fill in the blanks with the other parts. I have two horizontal rows together, but not the filler row I need to put between them, so no serious progress on the assembly of the mystery quilt. Just getting the two horizontal rows together took quite a while. In those two rows are 8 of the above "blocks", plus some filler sections. If you are doing the mystery quilt, don't use this photo as an example. I switched the lights and darks, the dark brown is my neutral, so if you are using Bonnie's colors this would just confuse you more.

After I got the three quilt centers together, I decided to start using the Orca Bay pieced borders as my leader/enders. I got one side border together today. I will probably be able to finish piecing the borders before I am finished the quilt center, so then I will need to use something else as my leader/ender project. I have the blocks done for 2 other quilts, so I think I'll figure the layout for those and assemble those as leaders/enders. I think I already had 3 or 4 quilts waiting for borders, today I added three more to that number, and I'm looking at adding two more to that. If I have my own bordering party I could have a bunch of quilt tops completed pretty quickly.

Here are a couple pics of the twins on their birthday. They were wearing Mr and Ms one-derful shirts. Miss S was really thankful for her presents, can't you tell?

This was right before the got their cake. Don't they look cute in their Mickey and Minnie Mouse hats? You can tell these are Arizona kids, they had enchiladas for their birthday dinner because they LOVE enchiladas. We had 22 people here for their birthday, mostly adults. It's amazing how fast the time flies by, it hardly seems like a year has passed since they were born.

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Sandra in the UK said...

I love your Orca colours!! The choice of fabrics has certainly given the quilt blocks an autumnal warmth.