Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove

Wow! I thought I would be posting this days ago. I have chronic pain issues, and sometimes I just have a string of bad days, and that was my week, bad day after bad day. I just did the bare minimum around here, plus some busy work that I could handle with how I was feeling. Sewing was not in the cards. Thankfully that string of bad days is done, and I am feeling a bit better.

I finally got the center of Orca Bay together today. Now I need to make decisions about the borders. I'd like the quilt to be a bit bigger, so I will just add a couple more borders. I want to use the bear fabric that started this whole colorway as the outer border. I have lots of it, so it will be the backing as well.

I really like how it came out in this colorway. I have seen others I like better, but I am happy with my choices.
My plan is to use the thin inner border fabric twice, on each side of the pieced border. This rusty brown^ was my initial choice. I wanted it in the main part of the quilt, but it blurred the lines between brown and rust, so I didn't use it. It is a possibility for this.

This second choice is a cream fabric with rust colored splatters on it. I really like how it looks with the border fabric, not quite as sure about how it looks with the center. This was a thrift store find.

This rusty colored Michael Miller fabric I picked up at a thrift store too. Two yards for 99 cents! It might be too pink/salmony for this.

Using Bonnie's plan but with my colors, my inner border should be brown. I have this pine cone fabric that is used in the center of the quilt multiple times. It's another thrift store fabric :-)

Finally I tried a solid brown. I thought it might give your eye a rest. I like how the dark brown brings out the bears in the border. I love bears!

I will probably cut the bear borders tomorrow, but I need to decide which inner borders I want. I will sleep on it and see how I feel about it in the morning.

One thing I do know, I need to get this quilt top finished before my new sewing machine gets here! I bought a Bernina Aurora 440QE!!!!!!! Bernina has discontinued this model, and replaced it with the new 500 series machines. I knew if I wanted to get an Aurora with a warranty, I needed to get one while I could still find one. The shop near my house had two, one was already reserved, both floor models so deeply discounted. I went and paid for it yesterday, but I can't pick it up until their technician makes sure it is cleaned and perfect. I get all the classes they give to new Bernina owners, I get a 20% discount on supplies while I am in the classes, and my first cleaning/tune-up on the Aurora in a year or so is free too! I need a new machine, and I decided there was never going to be the perfect time to buy one. I got a great deal on my dream DSM, so I am one happy quilter! I was a little disappointed to not be able to bring it home yesterday, but it may all work out for the best. I ordered my new acrylic insert for my sewing cabinet it will go into, and they both may be coming home at the same time!

I had decided a while ago that the Aurora was the machine I really wanted, and this was really my last chance for one with a warranty. I could have gotten one on ebay, but most of those are going for more than what I paid for this one, and I don't know that the warranty would have been valid if I purchased a used machine on ebay. Bernina guarantees they will carry parts for 20 years after the last machine of that model is made, and I know they often carry them much longer than that. I figure if this machine lasts 20 years with how much I sew, I will have more than gotten my money out of it.


Jeener said...

I really like the first border set that you posted, but there are several great choices.

I am about ready to put my center together. I'm anxious to compare it to yours as they are the same colors!

Stephanie Newman said...

Aren't those bears cute? Looking forward to hearing your quilting plans on this quilt.
Mine is slowly working its way along, as I concentrate on other sewing right now. But, its been a fun relaxing project over summer.
BTW you are going to LOVE that 440 when it arrives!! Just wait...