Sunday, January 15, 2012

Components Are Done!

Here are all the parts for the Orca Bay Mystery quilt, aside from the inner border. I haven't decided what color I am going to make the inner border, since I am adding extra borders outside the pieced border. I haven't cut any of the borders aside from the pieced one. I'll make all of those decisions when the center is together.

Along with getting the rest of my Orca Bay parts done, I ironed the rows for 3 quilts that I've been assembling as leaders/enders. Now the the rows are all pressed with the seams going in opposite directions so they will nest nicely together, I am hoping to get the centers of those three quilts together while I am assembling the Orca Bay quilt. One of those quilts I even have the borders finished for, so maybe I can get at least one quilt top finished, in addition to Orca Bay.

I really need to do a big pinbasting spree, so I can start quilting up some of these quilts. Orca Bay had so many pieces it completely took over my sewing room, and I had no room for anything, not even to take out some of the my quilt tops and figure out backings. Pin basting is what I have planned once Orca Bay is together into a quilt top. I don't dare set Orca Bay aside before it's assembled, for fear I would end up losing some of the pieces.

I have been mulling over what to do for the next scooter rally quilt. It will be DH's third scooter rally that he's run, but the fourth scooter quilt I've made, since I made one for another event. The scooter rally has a western theme, so I've been thinking stagecoach or covered wagon, pulled by scooters of course, and I ordered some fabric today with that in mind. Whichever I don't use this year, I will use next year. I was leaning towards stagecoach, but I've heard the person designing the rally shirts is using a covered wagon, so I may make the quilt to match. The rally quilt will be my next start, the rally is the first weekend in May, so I need to start it, but I'm going to try to move a few projects closer to completion first. We'll see how I do on that!

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