Saturday, January 28, 2012

None of the Above

I blogged my options for inner borders on Orca Bay last night, and then this morning I decided to go with green and use none of the options I showed you!

DH really wanted me to use the pine cone fabric, and so did DD#3. DD#2 and I were leaning towards the solid brown. I measured the pine cone fabric and I was 4 inches short! I had enough of the solid brown, but by that time I had decided to try the green, and I stuck with it. The borders went on with no problems, everything fit nicely. It always amazes me how so few seams can take so much time because they are just so long, and there is so much rearranging of the quilt top at that point. I measured the finished quilt top and it is now a respectable 91 x 101".

I will get DH to take a photo of it laid out in the driveway and post that. At least with this pic you can see the borders. I now need to decide if I want to quilt this myself or send it out for quilting. I normally send quilts this size out for quilting, but I had planned on quilting this one, before I realized how much larger I was really making it with the extra borders.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get borders on a couple more quilt centers I have finished. Only one has a border I've already figured out, so I don't know how much I will get done. Depends on how fast I decide what I want to do I suppose. Busy week ahead, with little quilting time available, so I am looking forward to my sewing time tomorrow.

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