Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's not quite Thanksgiving here, but close, less than two hours to go. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and that everyone can think of something they are thankful for. I know when times have been hard for us, that is when I make a point to count my blessings. I can usually list a lot of them! I definitely have a lot to be thankful for now: a growing family, an amazing husband, a roof over my head, and all the things I need to quilt with!

Our Thanksgiving plans are a bit up in the air. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, and had about 20 people here for dinner. We are supposed to be driving up to Phoenix tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving at my sister's house, but I'm I'm not sure that's going to happen. DD#2 has been sick all day, she even called off of work. She thought she had food poisoning, but this evening Mr. L vomited, and he hadn't eaten the same food she had, so we may be dealing with a stomach bug instead. I'm playing it by ear in the morning, if DD#2 is still feeling poorly or the twins are acting like they aren't feeling well, we'll stay home. I have all the makings for some fine turkey soup, and that is likely what we'll have if we stay home.

The parts I ordered on ebay for the Rocketeer are here. I am really excited to get the straight stitch plate, and having some original feet and the cams is great! A manual is another great thing to have. I'd like to order a good 1/4" foot for it, but that will be a modern product.

Have I actually used the Rocketeer yet? Nope. Any sewing time I've had has been spent quilting on the twins quilts. Today I finished quilting Mr. L's quilt, and I quilted about 2/3 of Miss S's quilt. I am just doing a quick meander to get them finished fast. I think I emptied 12 bobbins today, so I was really a quilting fiend. If we end up staying home tomorrow, I will try to finish both quilts, and then I will be ready for the Easy Street mystery to start on Friday. If we do go to Phoenix tomorrow, I will still try to finish the twins quilts this weekend. The mystery may be a slow start for me, but that's OK.

I am using a cone of white Signature thread to quilt the twins quilts. I've quilted a couple other quilts with that cone of thread too, and I can't wait to have it completely gone. It's getting close. When I first started free motion quilting, I bought a cone or two from each of the bigger name thread companies. I wasn't sure which threads I would like, and which ones would work best in my sewing machines. Signature is not one I'll buy again. The cone I have should be all white, but there are a bunch of places that are discolored on it, not all the same other color either. I have terrible lint in my machine when I use it too, so for me, Signature is not a winner. I've heard other people who love it, but it doesn't make my cut.

I do have some threads that work better in some machines than other, but all my machines love Aurifil, so that is my hands down favorite. Anytime I need to purchase quilting thread now, I only buy Aurifil. I am glad I tried them all, and a couple of the threads a lot of people don't like I've had no problems with. Coats and Clark Star thread does just fine in my Juki, and has less lint for me than Signature. From what I've read on forums, Signature has the better reputation, but for me in my particular machines, that hasn't been my experience. Sometimes I think trying things out for yourself is much better than just taking someone else's word for what works. Your experiences may be different than others with notions and such.

I got some exiting news from my mom this week. She finished a quilt she started 40 years ago! Now that was a UFO! The quilt had fabrics from my grandmother's and great grandmother's stashes. My mom had made nine patches, sashed it and started hand quilting it. It's been on a quilting frame most of my lifetime. My mother recently took it off the quilt frame and gave the quilt frame away. She realized the quilt did not lay flat at all, so she took out all the handquilting, and took all the blocks apart. The blocks varied in size by an inch or so. I suggested she cut them all to the same size, and try again. I gave her some tips on sashing, but she did everything on her own, I live in the Southwest and she is in the Northeast, so popping over to help her wasn't going to happen. She even designed a striped backing for it by piecing fabrics to make the stripes. She tied it to finish it up, and now has a reversible quilt she made herself! I am so proud of her tackling such an old project. That was a LOT of ripping to do to get it fixed, and I think a lot of women would have just pitched it. I hope she gets a lot of satisfaction seeing it on her bed. Go, MOM!

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