Sunday, November 4, 2012

What a Day!

Today was one of those days you need a vacation to recover from. Too bad I'll be busy with four little ones tomorrow with no rest in sight!

I started today by defrosting the freezer. I always try to do that before the holidays hit, as I try to buy a couple extra turkeys and such, and I need all the room I can get in the freezer. I needed to get it done quickly, so I put all the food into coolers and heated up pans of water on the stove, then put those in the freezer to melt the ice faster. I could have bought a frost-free freezer, but food ruins faster in those. 

In between heating pans of water on the stove, emptying the water from melting ice and such, I kept running downstairs and working on the comfort quilt. I quilted the center yesterday, but didn't get the feathers in the border finished. I was basically sewing feathers on one side of the quilt, running upstairs to deal with the freezer, going back downstairs to sew another side, and on and on until finally the border was finished and so was the freezer. Put all the food back in the freezer.

DH was taking down the twins cribs today, and putting together the second twin sized bed. The first one we've had for a while and it was already in their room. He was disassembling cribs while I was running back and forth between sewing and defrosting. The twins were at church with their Mama and Aunt. I was hoping DH would have the bed together before naptime, but that was too optimistic on my part. The room needed to be rearranged, and the bed he was putting together was a platform bed with drawers which all had to be assembled. Hmmmm.... twins were home, Mama had gone out and I needed to put the twins to bed with no beds. I ended up putting Mr. L in the crib in the office that I use for the baby I watch, and put Miss S in my bed, but I had to lay down with her to get her to sleep. Hardest part of that was not falling asleep myself.

OK, twins asleep, hurry and unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, switch loads of laundry, and sew binding on comfort quilt. As I am sewing on the last six inches of binding, Mr. L wakes up from his nap. That's OK, the comfort quilt is done and DH can take it to work tomorrow as planned.

Now bed is together and DH needs to go to the shop to work on the scooter, so it's just the twins and me. No problem. Well, would have been no problem if Mr. L hadn't woke up so fussy. I thought, oh, I'll make their beds while they play in their room. Got one made, but Mr. L was crying so much couldn't make the second one. Tried taking the twins outside, Mr L is playing and crying at the same time. Try to think of possible causes, give Tylenol since he's teething, give a snack in case he's hungry, refill water, put on Elmo in desperation. Crying, crying, crying. Give them crayons for the first time. AHA! a few minutes of silence, until I take away the blue crayon Mr. L is now eating, then more crying. Miss S enjoys the crayons though. In fact, she's in a great mood through all of this. 

DH finally gets home, maybe he can stop the crying. He takes them outside and puts them on the swings. Crying. I start baking the cookie dough I found in the back of the freezer, running upstairs to work on the twins room in between batches of cookies. Cookies baked, time to start dinner. Hear crying. Oops, switch loads of laundry. Make dinner, start moving around some stuff in the living room, because a couple things are moving up to the twins room. Twins need bath, DH is a trooper and takes that for me, more crying. I am moving stuff up to the twins room until first kid is out of the bath, diaper kid, pajamas, OK. Next kid, diaper, pajamas, No More Tangles and crying from Miss S. Frantically try to finish doing what needs to be done in twins room before they go to bed. Mama (DD#3) comes home!

Now I need to deal with the mess in the living room. DD#2 comes in with a crowd. OK, clean up kitchen instead. Unload dishwasher, load dishwasher. Put away dinner leftovers. That crowd leaves, work in living room, not done, but good enough for tonight. More people come in. Look at DH in desperation, whisper in his ear, and we sneak out of house. 

Orange cream slush at Sonic in my bare feet. Ahhhh!

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