Friday, November 9, 2012

Leaders and Enders Revolt!

I didn't do much sewing this week, and when I did sew, I was not really working on what I was supposed to be working on. I was supposed to be assembling the twins bed quilts. They've been sleeping their new beds since Sunday, but their quilts still aren't finished. They are sleeping under the first two bed quilts I ever made, one for their Mama and one for their aunt when they were young. They are falling apart in a few places, but still functional. I do need to get their new quilts finished though. I finally made some progress on that tonight.

I got the center of Mr. L's quilt together. This is just the top part of it, I couldn't get a picture of it all. I picked out a black border with a kind of plaid and spotted design on it. I debated a narrow inner border but decided against that.

Here is the top center of Miss S's quilt. I chose a purple border with spots on it for her border. I am hoping to get the borders cut and sewn on both quilts tomorrow.

I have done a nine patch and snowball pattern for I Spy quilts before, but this is the first time I've done scrappy nine patches. I did stick with a color scheme, but I still haven't decided if I like the scrappy nine patches with the random colors of the I Spy pieces. It does give the kids more to look at, which is a good thing. I will probably figure out of I like it it while I am quilting the quilts.

This was what I was working on that was only supposed to be my leader/ender project. I am making 3" white/black nine patches, for a quilt I designed in EQ. I need over 500 of them, and I am using up some 1" squares from previous projects. When I run out of pre-cut squares, I will strip piece the rest. I just love 3" nine patches, they are so cute! Instead of just running one leader through at the end of the seam, I was running a bunch through. I have almost 60 nine patches finished already, so it's pretty obvious the leaders/enders were trying to become the primary project.

If I get borders on the twins quilts, I will work on piecing the backings so they are ready to pin-baste whenever I have a chance to do that. I have chosen the backing for Miss S's quilt, but I am still undecided on Mr. L's. Since I have to piece it anyway, I may decide to get rid of a couple smaller pieces of yardage on his and just make a few more seams.

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