Thursday, December 6, 2012

In Little Bits of Time

It's been a busy week for me, but in any bit of time I could find to sew, I did. I got all the blocks I had made while working on my flying geese for the mystery pressed. I am now done all of the blocks for one quilt, the one I can't show. I pressed several other blocks I made, and snipped off all the dog ears on my flying geese. I am ready for step 3 to come out tomorrow!

I've been working on string piecing in my little bits of time.

I got the front and back done for a blue stocking. No rhyme or reason to the strips on this stocking, just trying to use those blue strings.

 I finished the front and back for a multi-colored stocking. Some of the fabrics are the same on both sides, some aren't, it really just depended on how much of each fabric I had.

Nine more blue string blocks are finished as well. You can barely see the ninth block in this picture. My sewing room is such a disaster right now, with quilt pieces everywhere, that there wasn't a good spot to lay these out. You'd think that after making the blue stocking and thirteen total 8" string blocks I'd notice my blue strings going down quite a bit. Well, I think they've gone down, but not by a lot. I will keep making blue string blocks as leaders/enders while I work on the Christmas stockings. I have the most blue strings by far.

After making RRCB with all blue string blocks, I would have thought it would have taken longer for my blue strings to build up this much again. On RRCB I eliminated using the lightest blues and the navy blues, so I am finding the most of those blues for these blocks. I have some blue string blocks this same size I made before RRCB, so when they are all mixed together, I think it will be a good assortment. No quilt size in mind, I am just making blocks until I run out of strings, and then I'll see what I can do with the number of blocks I have.

Bring on clue 3 for Easy Street!

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