Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stringing Stockings

I was scheduled to babysit today, but last night my charges father texted me saying he'd keep the kids today. Hmmm, an extra day to do some Christmas-y prep. I still haven't made a single Christmas cookie, but tomorrow the twins will be gone all afternoon. I decided cookie baking would be best done without their help, so that's on tomorrow's schedule. I do plan on making at least one kind of cookie dough this evening so it can chill overnight.

Here is what I did with my extra day instead! The extra stockings I needed are finished! Add these to the 11 stockings I made last year, and I have 17 stockings that need to be stuffed. I plan on working on that every evening this week until it's done. I usually wrap everything that goes in the stockings so people feel like they got more stuff. I can usually use the small scraps of gift wrap for wrapping the little things I put in the stockings. Just like in quilting, I feel the need to use up the scraps. I don't have a lot of presents to wrap for under the tree, I scaled WAY back this year. Most of the ones I do have are already wrapped, just a couple left to do.

I cleaned up the strings in the sewing room, and put them all away. I am planning on bringing a string project on my getaway in January, but for now they are all put away in an effort to clean up something in the sewing room! It was funny, I had been making blue string blocks as leaders/enders while making the Christmas stockings, and I sewed the last piece on the front and back of the stocking, as well as the two blue string blocks all in a row! Quilting serendipity to finish all at the same time! It was a good time to clean up the stringy mess :-)

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Ally said...

Love your string stockings, so cute!!