Monday, January 21, 2013

Easy Street Block B

I have made good use of my three day weekend. Saturday I made all the setting triangles for Easy Street. Sunday I made all the Block A's, and today on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I made all the Block B's. Next step on this is assembly!

^The photo from my phone post wasn't very good, so here is another look at Block A.

^And here is a Block B from today's sewing.

^How about a Block A and a Block B together?

^A sneak peek of the layout, with the proposed border fabric. I think Stephanie is right, and the inner border should be purple.

^Just for fun, here is a sneak peek of the floral/cream quilt I laid out the other night. Today I was counting blocks and figuring out settings for all of my other floral/cream blocks. I think I have a plan for almost all of them, though there will be a few orphan blocks that will likely end up on a backing somewhere. I have lots of quilts at assembly stage now. I know what I'll be doing with any sewing time I get :-)

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