Saturday, January 19, 2013

Easy Street Part 7

I am so excited! I actually had a productive day in the sewing room today! I did all of part 7 of Easy Street today, and I have one of the blocks laid out to sew up tomorrow.


My corner and edge setting triangles are all finished, just in piles here. It looks like I should have good amounts of sewing time tomorrow and Monday so I am hoping to get a lot of the blocks together. I know it's been slow going for a lot of people, so we'll see what I can do. I'd really love to get Easy Street into a top this month. I found a fabric in my stash that has all of my Easy Street colors in it, so it is a possible border.

I didn't think I'd be sewing at all this weekend, as DS the Elder was supposed to be flying in with DDIL, and Grandbaby E. They didn't end up making it in, so my plans changed too. Last night was the first sewing I've done in a couple weeks, and I sewed on floral/cream blocks while watching Quiltcam. I sewed 34 blocks together during Quiltcam, so I was feeling really good about that. I sewed several more floral/cream blocks today, all the rest that I had kitted up. I still have sub-units left in the floral/creams, but I need to count up the blocks I have and see what I need to make some quilts out of these. I'm thinking I will have a bit more cutting to do to make a few more blocks.

Tonight I laid out blocks for 2 quilts, and now they are all piled and pinned in order so I can assemble the rows. My brain hurts after laying out two quilts in one evening. One of these quilts is one of the floral/cream quilts. Both of these will be gifts. My queen sized bed wasn't large enough to lay the quilts on so I was having to figure them out one half at a time. Not my favorite way to do things, but my bed is the largest area I have in the house to spread things out, so I have to work with what I've got. My dream house has an 8 ft x 8 ft design wall, and of course such a large quilting studio there is no furniture blocking any of it. My actual house has no room for such a thing, so I will happily make do.

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