Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sitting in the Corner

My, how fast things are changing around here! I think the only sewing I've done since my last post is sewing the spacer border onto the rally quilt center. I have the next border ready to go on, but no access to my sewing room! My sewing room is now a temporary bedroom, and will be for the next month or so.

Here is my current sewing space, this small area in my bedroom, and I had to rearrange to get this much space. Today I had a couple hours I seized, and cut out rally bags from a couple fabrics I will be happy to have out of the stash. I will work on rally bags in any "spare" time I can come up with. I was going to work on some quilts, but I really have no space for a pressing area, so I was trying to think of something I could sew that didn't require a lot of ironing. The rally bags need to be made, and don't require any ironing really, so that is a perfect project to work on right now.  I need to hunt up a folding chair tomorrow, because my sewing chair isn't going to fit.

I am working on the prep work for some applique on the rally quilt. I did not feel like "building" the scooters and stagecoaches from a million little pieces, so I hunted down some fabrics I think are close enough scale to work together. They are only rough cut right now, but the fusible is on the back, and I'll be cutting them out more exactly as I have time. I usually use a satin stitch on applique, and I can't do that on a featherweight, so I'm not sure when I'll finish the applique, but I can at least cut the borders these will go on and get it all fused. That will make things go much faster once I have another machine available.

So, there you have it, I am sitting in a corner with a little machine in the little bits of time I have available to sew. Little bits of time are better than none, and I will get the rally projects finished on time, I'm determined.

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