Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I have actually finished three quilts! That brings me up to four finishes for the year so far, which is not great, but with how busy I've been, I'll take it. I'm hoping by the end of the year to have at least a one per month average, so I'm getting closer to that goal.

 ^This first quilt is a Twice Broken Dishes pattern. I used the directions from Debbie Caffrey's book Noodle Soup. That book is all patterns using 2" cut strips, so if you use Bonnie Hunter's Scrap User System, this book works great with that system. Books using 2.5" cut strips are easy to find, and Debbie Caffrey has a couple of those too, but I was quite happy to find a whole book using the smaller sized strips. DD#2 liked this pattern so much, I have a queen sized version of this already started for her. I have block quarters done, but haven't sewn them into blocks yet. She even liked the blues and greens in this, but wanted me to add brown, so the next one of these will be blue, green, brown, and white.

^This is the quilt that is going to be a warm hug for someone I know going through a tough time. The main pattern is from one of my very favorite quilt books, called Making Scrap Quilts to Use It Up! by Lynne Edwards. I love almost every pattern in that book!

^I think this is the last quilt from my 6" square phase. When I first started quilting, I loved the idea of pre-cutting my scraps, but I didn't know enough to choose the right sizes. I was saving 6" cut squares, which are hard to work with. Now I know better and save 6.5" squares. I don't have any more 6" squares, and I don't think I have any more quilt tops needing quilting made from them. Those squares are BUSTED!!!

Today DH and I took a trip to Phoenix, and went to Ikea. We bought the things I wanted to make into an ironing station. I plan on taking photos as we go along with that project, and I will certainly let you know how the ironing station works out. I still need to make a trip to Home Depot for some plywood to make into the ironing top. I have some Warm and Natural batting, and some duck cloth to make an ironing cover. I need to pick up some spray paint for another project too. I am really excited about the changes in the sewing room! It is already working better than before, and I think when I'm done it will be great!

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