Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Little Closer

I've been busy in the sewing room, in any bits of time I can find. I had an hour or so yesterday morning, and a couple hours available last night to work in there, and I did a LOT! I still can't get DD#2's shelves out of there, but I did figure out how to move them enough to get the Juki into the corner I wanted it in. I know the Juki isn't actually in the cabinet, it's at the spa getting all spiffied up.


Now the Juki cabinet is in the corner, and the back flap can stay up all the time :-) See the brown tabletop in that space between the back flap and the left side flap? That is an old microwave cart. It's been in my sewing room all along, in fact it was in the last sewing room too. That microwave cart is pretty versatile. With the wheels on, it is the right height to fill that space, not quite as deep as the back flap, but close enough. You haven't seen it in any photos of my sewing room recently, because when I take the wheels off the cart, it fits under the left flap of the Juki cabinet, and hides there happily storing some of my odd non-quilting fabrics. It has been under there since the last rearrange. The microwave cart still has non-quilt fabric on it, but the only thing in front of it, is two totes that are now under that left flap. It wouldn't take long to move two totes to get to the other fabrics.

I almost made a huge mistake on what to store under the back flap. I have one huge tote with scraps in it, and that tote would fit perfectly in the space under the back flap. I started to move it there, then I realized that if I did, there is no way I would process those scraps this year as I was hoping. Instead, I moved a box of non sewing stuff that just needs to be stored someplace there, along with my box of denim scraps on top of that. I can get to the denim scraps, but I have no plans for a denim quilt this year. I am much happier with my decision on what to store there.

Today during the twins naptime I rearranged my pegboard. The workbench I had been using had a built in pegboard, so I had space to hang my most frequently used rulers there. Now all the rulers need to hang on these, which meant hanging multiple rulers on a single hook. There are a few I kept hanging singly, because I use them so often I didn't want them to get buried on the hook.

Tomorrow I am planning on moving the cutting table over a few inches, to make sitting at the Singer cabinet more comfortable. I have the cutting table mostly cleaned off, and I could actually cut on it now. I washed up some fabric today, to cut up for a couple Pineapple Blossom quilts. At the beginning of this year, I knew of no wedding quilts that needed to be made, and now I have four. I think the Pineapple Blossom pattern may work for two of the wedding quilts. One of the wedding quilts will be a traditional pineapple quilt, and the other will be a Smith Mountain Morning quilt. When DD#3 goes back to college in August, the wedding quilts will be at the top of my to do list. This summer I just plan on finishing things up, not really starting much.

Now that the Juki cabinet is in position, and I opted to keep my small mini-bolt shelves on either side of the cutting table, I realized I actually have just enough space to keep my ironing board up all the time. I can put it along the wall next to the Juki cabinet. The thing is, what I really want is an ironing station more like this. My wallet can't buy that set-up, but I am thinking it could be made for far less than what they are asking for it. I'll have to keep mulling that over, and work on DH to see if he'll help me build it, or better yet, build it for me. Hmmm....maybe I should make him some new scrub tops, then ask him... In the meantime, once the shelves are out of the room, my ironing board will have a home. Yes, I am glad I decided to rearrange.

One of the biggest perks to rearranging, is finding the things you knew were in the room, but haven't seen in months. Today was a big day for finds! I bought some vintage sewing machine accessories, I think last summer. I knew I put them in a drawer, but I thought I had checked all the drawers in the sewing room. Aha, found the drawer I missed today, and there they were, buried under a couple remnants. Now I can put them with all my other vintage machine accessories.Oh, and the remnants? They are getting cut up for the Pineapple Blossom quilts, that was the fabric I washed today! Another thing that once was lost but now is found? Some seam guides I bought from Bonnie K Hunter. They were actually where I thought  they were, but had fallen into a basket of scraps and I didn't dig down deep enough when I looked before. Now there is a seam guide at each machine ;-)

By the weekend I will be sewing, but I am happy with how things are moving along with the rearrange. I am always on the quest to have the studio of my dreams on a bare bones budget. The kitchen table I bought for my new cutting table is the perfect height (36") and cost less ($129) than any cutting table I looked at. The least expensive cutting tables also seem far less sturdy than this table. Most of the cutting tables I've seen can be folded down, but I used all the space under the table for storage, so I don't consider it a waste of space to leave it up. So far the only things I've bought for this rearrange was the table, two used cork boards ($3 each) and one set of plastic drawers for thread that was on sale for $20. I am debating building an ironing center, and I'm considering mounting one shelf on the wall. I have brackets to do that, but I think I'd have to buy a board. Other than that, I'd like to see something pretty on the walls, but I'm thinking a few mini quilts will do the trick for that. That I won't have to spend a dime on.

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