Thursday, May 16, 2013

ADD Quilting

You know those times where you are in the middle of a project, but a more pressing one comes up? That was my week.

 ^This is my main project, a large bed quilt I am trying a new quilting pattern on. It's a more complex pattern than I'm used to stitching out, so it's going slow. I'm hoping I will have it down by the time I'm finished this quilt. I'd like to use this quilting pattern on a wedding quilt that is coming up soon.

I know someone who really needs a hug right now, and I was just sure this quilt was for them. I have been holding onto it for a while, knowing it was someone in particular, I just didn't know who. Now I know, and to get it finished without moving my main project, I set up the Bernina for quilting. This quilt is just throw sized, but still the largest I've quilted on my Bernina. It went easier than I thought, but I'm glad I'm not using the Bernina for the other quilt, partly because the other cabinet is better for supporting the quilt.

I finished quilting the purple quilt today, and I'll sew on the binding tomorrow. I was washing the quilt on my bed, and realized some of the binding was coming unstitched, so after it was washed I machine stitched the binding down. Since my machine had black for sewing that binding, and I had planned on binding another quilt in black, I sewed the binding on that quilt too, so I actually finished that quilt today. I'll have to take a pic of it, I haven't yet. The Bernina is now threaded with purple ready to sew that binding on first thing tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day. My DDIL and DGD fly in in the morning, and they are moving here. DH is in Houston now, ready to drive her van here, while DS the Elder drives his car and DDIL's father drives his truck with a trailer. They should arrive here on Saturday, and basically the whole weekend will be happy chaos. We have some furniture at our house ready to be moved to their apartment, which we will try to do before the rest of their stuff arrives. I am really hoping DDIL likes living here, she's made some friends here from visiting, and she knows all of us, so it's not completely foreign. She is moving here just as it gets very hot though, and that will be a shock. I am happy to have them in town, for however long that ends up being. I know they are planning to move back to Texas someday.

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Stephanie Newman said...

I will watch your ironing station develop with great interest!
Think the quilts you have been making look great, especially the twice broken dishes, love the cool ocean colours you have used.