Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Future Quilter?

It's been a funny couple of days. The twins are becoming more and more curious about my sewing studio. They come down and visit me in there as often as they are allowed. Mr. L unfortunately is attracted to everything sharp; pins, needles, scissors, etc... Miss S, however, is attracted to the fabric! Yesterday when her Mommy called her upstairs, she reluctantly went, but she was hiding something behind her back. When she got upstairs, it was discovered she had a handful of fabric scraps ;-)

Today when the twins came down to see me, Mr. L went straight for the pins and got sent upstairs, but I gave Miss S a bin of 1.5" squares.  She was a happy camper, and played with those squares for a while. She named all the colors and lined them up. When she is a little older and can lay out a pattern, I'll have her design a doll quilt and I'll sew it up for her.

This has been the project I've been working on in the evenings. I had trimmed a bunch of bonus HST's to 1.75", and finally got the trimmed ones pressed. Now I am snipping the dog ears off and sorting them by color. The bin in the back still has ones that haven't had the dog ears cut off yet. Lest you think I am actually making any kind of progress on these, I still have two gallon Ziploc bags filled with HST's not yet trimmed or pressed! The size is odd, so I have decided to make a bunch of Depression blocks which will let me use the hundreds of these I have without having to cut any additional fabric to such an odd size. I will make as many blocks as I can, and see where I am when I run out of HST's.

I also got a baby quilt pin-basted today, and cut a bunch of 3.5" strips for multiple projects. I love having so much time in the studio lately!

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