Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Finishes, Both Quilty and Not!

I finished another floral/cream quilt. The photo would have been better had the sun not been in quite that position, but I take photos when I can. I had originally planned to alternate dark background/ light background blocks in checkerboard fashion, but when I counted up the blocks I had made the numbers didn't come out right for that, but worked perfectly for vertical columns.

I finished this quilt up for a friend of DD#2 and DD#3. DD#2 chose the border fabric, and the backing though I didn't take a photo of that. All of the floral/cream quilts will be 100% from stash. This is the second of the floral/cream quilts to be finished, and the last quilt that had to be quilted before our trip to California.

My ironing station is completely finished now. I had enough heat resistant fabric to make two ironing board covers, so I made both. This way when this one wears out, I'll have another ready to go. DH put up the shelves and hung my clock today. I've been anxious to get a clock in my studio, checking my phone for the time is not always convenient, and I never wear a watch.

Can you spy my new purple iron made by Sunbeam? My Black and Decker Classic iron is heavy and has no auto shut off which is nice, but it eats HST's. The iron I had for HST's died, and I replaced it with the purple iron. It works great on HST's like I thought it would. Somehow pointed tip irons and I don't work well with HST's, but rounded tip irons do fine for me.

The only thing left to do for my studio redo is hanging two corkboards over my Bernina cabinet. I bought them used and they needed a little sprucing up, so DH is priming and painting them for me. Eventually I am hoping to make a couple quilted wall-hangings for my studio, as well as some fabric sewing machine dust covers. Right now both of those things are low on my priority list.

I have two more weeks before DH and I leave for California. I've finished the quilts that needed to be quilted before we left. I am hoping to have as many quilts pin-basted as I have pins for before I leave. I have two pin-basted now, and another ready to baste. I think I will have enough pins to pin-baste another quilt after that, but that is my last quilt top that is finished. I guess getting the rest of the floral/cream quilts into quilt tops needs to be my next priority. I have been working on getting some block quarters sewn into blocks, and I have over 70 of those blocks made so far. I should have over 150 when I'm done, so almost halfway.

My summer is somewhat divided by trips. From the time DD#3's school let out and our trip to California, my priority has been finishing projects and working on my studio. When we get back from California, I will be home for three weeks, during which I hope to spend most of my time quilting, and finishing the next batch of quilts. We then go to New Mexico for DH's family reunion, and I'll only be home for about a week, when DD#3 goes back to college and I am back to full-time babysitting again. Once she's back in college, my priority will be working on the four wedding quilts that I need to make. I'll be back to sewing during naptime and late at night. I am making good progress at getting some of my current projects done, and that is making me a very happy quilter.

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Katie M. said...

Wow, you've been making very good use of your time. Be safe in your travels to CA..