Monday, August 19, 2013

Already Looking Better

I am so pleased with how the backyard is coming along! It won't be done for a while, but it is already looking so much better. The bulk of the pavers are laid, but all the edge ones that need cuts still need to go down. There won't be a jagged edge at the side when done. The ramp isn't done yet either, but the landscapers put in LONG hours in very high heat this weekend to get this much done.

This is a different view of the pavers. You can see the second seating wall in this pic, right next to the shed. The walls still need the capstones.

The pile of pavers is down considerably! In fact, I'm wondering if they have enough to finish.

I only got a little bit of sewing done this weekend. I pretty much have the baby quilt backing pieced, and I starting assembling Twice Broken Dishes. Lots of stuff going on here, and my mind is whirling so much its hard to concentrate.

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