Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sewing Frenzy

I am trying my best to get some quilt tops ready for a huge quilting spree. DD#3 starts back to college Wednesday, so I'll be back to babysitting full time. It's time to do that last final push to see what I can get done before my sewing time gets drastically cut. I will still have time on the weekends to sew, and during naptime as well.


I got the center of this bonus Twice Broken Dishes quilt together. I made one Twice Broken Dishes quilt a while back from these colors. DD#2 fell in love with it, and wanted a queen sized version. I have two more seams to get the center of the queen sized version done, and I am already and working on the borders for it too. I had leftover pieces from the first quilt, and the second, so this is the bonus quilt, using as many pieces as I could of the first two quilts to make another. Some of these blocks are all the same fabrics, and some each block quarter is different. I'll have to choose an inner border for it, and I know I have enough pieces cut for a piano key border for both this and the queen sized version. This quilt will likely end up a donation quilt.

I also pieced the backing for the queen sized version of this quilt. I used 10" squares, so it was quite a bit of piecing but it really cleaned out a bunch of smaller yardage cuts, and it looks pretty good! Pressing that backing after assembling it was a chore. Even with my new ironing station, pressing something 110" square is a big job!

I am piecing piano key borders for the Twice Broken Dishes quilts, and more piano key borders for the remaining floral cream quilts. I liked the way the piano key border looked on my SIL's quilt, and it is a great way to keep using up floral scraps. I have three floral/cream quilt tops left, and I'm not sure if I have enough cut to do piano key borders for all three, but maybe. I really think piano key borders are my favorite. I use them and variations of them a lot. I think it's because I am such a scrappy quilt fan, and a piano key border just extends the scrappiness into the border.

I dug out some of my projects I had brought to San Diego on vacation (that seems like way more than 2 months ago!) and I'm using those as leader/enders right now.

Lots going in in the sewing room right now, and a big pile of quilts needing borders, but I am working on those!

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