Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Weeks?

It's been two weeks since I've written a post? Wow! Time goes quickly. Let's see, what has been going on it the last two weeks? We went to Roswell, NM for a family reunion on DH's side. We took DD#3 and the twins with us.

Here are the twins playing in a tree in Roswell. They got their first experience playing in a water sprinkler too. They thought that was very fun!

We had a good time at the family reunion, and while we were gone, work was being done on the house. We are having our backyard completely landscaped, which considering it was a huge dirt yard before, is a big undertaking! I wish I had taken some good before pics, but I didn't. I tried to avoid taking pics in the backyard at all, because it was really ugly. I will definitely be taking after pictures though! It will be a few more weeks before it's finished, because the work is only getting done on the weekends.

As it turns out, it is a really good thing we opted to have the backyard done instead of remodeling a bathroom. DS the Younger and his fiance decided they want to get married in the backyard! We had already decided on the backyard instead of the bathroom when they told us, so I am glad it worked out that way. They are thinking of getting married in March or April, and either should be nice here. My mind has been whirling with lists of things that will need to be done for that.

It's pretty fun having a third grandchild in town now! Miss E (in the gray shirt) is almost a year younger than the twins, but look how close in height she is. She is going to be a tall one like her Mama. Miss E belongs to DS the Elder and DDIL.

On the sewing front I haven't gotten a whole lot done in the last couple of weeks.

I did finish all the pieces for the large version of Film at Five. Unfortunately, I am going to put it aside for now, and work on things a bit more pressing. Just in case I somehow miscalculated how many sashing pieces or cornerstones, I am packing the last bit of that gray fabric in with these pieces, so I could make any extra pieces required, I likely have enough gray for the binding too should I decide I want a matching binding. I think there is about one yard of gray left. I think I've figured everything right, but I'd hate to have to hunt down the correct gray if I didn't.

This is one of the projects I am switching back to, turning a 7" high stack of Twice Broken Dishes quilt blocks into a BIG quilt, and any extra blocks into a smaller quilt. Actually, the extra blocks may end up waiting too. I have two quilts that definitely need to be finished by November, one is the baby Film at Five, which is a completed top. The other is Easy Street which I've decided to give as a wedding present. It still needs borders. The Twice Broken Dishes quilt needs to be finished soon, but how soon I'm not really sure. Some plans are up in the air, so the sooner the better. A finished quilt is always ready.

I need a cutting day this week. I need to trim up some pieces so I can piece a backing for the baby quilt that needs to be finished. I was hoping to cut the background fabric for the Fading Charms quilt I am making, though that one won't be assembled for a while either. Two of the last borders I need to piece would be a great leader/ender project though, which is one of the reasons I want to get the background cut now, even I'm not assembling it now.

I was scheduled for jury duty, but the courts rescheduled that, inconveniently to the same day DD#3 has jury duty. They had us scrambling to find childcare for the twins. Maybe one of us will be rescheduled again, but we can't count on that. My new date for jury duty is next week.

So in a nutshell, the last two weeks have been:
Trip to New Mexico for a family reunion
Backyard being torn up to be landscaped (twins loved watching the big tractors)
Wedding plans being made
A little sewing being done.
All the normal laundry, child care, cooking (even a birthday dinner in there for future DDIL)

Now why didn't I find time to blog? ;-P

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