Friday, January 17, 2014

My Sister is a Winner!

I come from a pretty creative family. My dad did a lot of woodworking, my mom is an amazing seamstress, plus she knits, crochets, and used to make wedding cakes on the side. My oldest sister does lots of crafts. She quilts, does several papercrafts, doll-making, along with many other things, but one of her passions is cake decorating. She entered the Hershey contest for 2013, and this was her entry.

Isn't that an awesome chocolate castle, all decorated for Christmas? I just found out she won the contest, and I am so proud of her! Great job, Sis!

I'm definitely now winning any prizes these days. Remember a few weeks ago I said I had water seeping up through my kitchen floor? It's time to tackle that problem now, so here is my life at present.

This wall normally has cabinets, a kitchen sink, a refrigerator...yeah, not now.

Like the mold that was growing under the cabinets? The manufacturer of our cabinets went out of business, so they need to be rebuilt, since we're not up for replacing all the cabinets in the kitchen. Our kitchen was remodeled in 2006, and I certainly wasn't planning on a big redo now.

I did manage to finish my Chimney and Cornerstone blocks this week. There is quite a pile of them, since I needed 60 of them.

I stuck a few blocks on the sewing room floor just to see how it would look, and I'm liking it. I hope DS the Younger and future DDIL do too!

I have a lot to be thankful for during my chaos. My BIL is in town and can do the repairs we need, which is awesome! I'd much rather pay him and not have to worry about whether or not it's done right. I have several meals prepared and in the freezer, which will feed my family while I have no water in the kitchen. Hopefully I can keep my mind on my blessings while I'm doing the dishes in the bathtub tonight!

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