Friday, January 10, 2014

Round One

This hasn't been a great week for sewing, nor did I expect it to be. In little bits of time, I did get the first round onto the Chimney and Cornerstone blocks for DS the Younger's wedding quilt. These blocks need three rounds outside the hour glass blocks. Tomorrow I should have some decent sewing time, and I'd LOVE to get round two finished. That may be a bit too ambitious for one day, considering there are 60 blocks and I'm bound to be interrupted.


It's been a while since I posted, so I'm not even sure I said I finished the star blocks for that quilt.

There has been lots of house stuff going one here, with major stuff starting next week. Our Christmas flood, with water coming up through the floor tiles in the kitchen has resulted in quite a bit of water damage. Fortunately for us, my BIL is coming to town, with all of his tools, so we are hiring him to do the repairs. While he's here, we're going to have him remodel at least one bathroom, maybe two if we have enough money. He remodeled two of our bathrooms simultaneously when we lived in Missouri (which is where he lives), so it would be kind of funny if we had him remodel two at once again. Our current house has three bathrooms, but one has already been remodeled since we lived here. At least here I know we'll have one functional bathroom, as long as the water is on.

Remodeling the bathrooms was not really on my radar, though they are past due needing to be done. DH and I have been doing some preliminary shopping, with me trying to decide what I want. I have been horribly indecisive, until today when I finally chose paint colors, decided on vanities, and have a good idea of what I want. I'm waiting to choose faucets until my BIL is here, though I have chosen which finish I want where. He knows which brands are best, and I trust his judgement, so I'll just tell him which finish I want, and have him show me my best options.

I'm not sure how much of the kitchen is going to be disrupted yet. I know I'll have some time with no kitchen sink, and possibly time with no laundry. I hate my kitchen sink, it is an almond color and it stains horribly and is impossible to keep clean. I'm switching to stainless steel and replacing the faucet while the damaged cabinets are being torn out and rebuilt. Since the sink has to be moved anyway, it's the perfect time to replace it.

DH and I were supposed to be going away next week, but with the house repairs that isn't going to happen. We are funneling as much money as we can into the house repairs. The house repairs are making us cut back in other areas too. I had planned to send DS the Younger's wedding quilt out for quilting, but with all the repair bills that's no longer an option. With the house being torn up and redone, and DD#3 starting back to college in a week, so even more time watching the twins, I'll have to be creative about finding enough time to finish that wedding quilt in time! Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

DD#3 is off both school and work next week, but DH is off too, all because we were supposed to be leaving town. There is a possibility I may have quite a bit of sewing time next week, but not necessarily. I'll just see how things go.

The twins turn 3 on Sunday, the 12th, but I'm cheating and ordering pizza for their party. I'll make some cupcakes, and do a little decorating, but overall I'm taking the easy way out. Too much on my plate right now to put a huge effort into a party they aren't likely to remember anyway.

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