Friday, January 24, 2014

It's a Kitchen Again!

After a week of my BIL working hard, I am back to having a functional kitchen!!! I am SO happy to not be doing dishes in the bathtub anymore. As far as esthetics are concerned,  the only changes to the kitchen you see are a new sink and faucet. We reused the counter top and cabinet fronts. The base cabinet boxes are completely rebuilt, out of much stronger stuff than the originals, all the plumbing under the sink and in the walls has been completely redone, and the holes that had to made in the concrete wall have all all been shored up and made safe. Hopefully it will be a LONG time before we have any more plumbing issues in the kitchen.

Next up is the upstairs hallway bathroom, which right now is down to wall studs. All the demolition is finished in there, and now the reconstruction begins in there.

Life has been pretty chaotic around here with all the repairs and renovations going on. I haven't had the time to figure out a layout for DS the Younger's wedding quilt, so the bits of sewing time I've had, I've been working on blocks for an Aussie quilt for DS the Elder instead. Stephanie, my dear friend in Canberra, helped me acquire some Aussie fabric, because DS the Elder loved his time there a few years ago. Most of the fabrics are large print, so I needed a block with big pieces. I chose the Garden Path block, which is an easy block with large enough pieces to showcase larger prints. I have about 34 blocks done, but only a couple of those pressed.

Not too much else going on, which is a good thing! I'm not sure I could handle much else ;-)

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