Sunday, February 9, 2014

Closer to the Finish Line

Things are moving right along, in more than one area around here. One of the bathrooms is almost finished. It still needs trim and the closet rebuilt, but it's close.

 This photo has a weird reflection from the mirror on the wall.  The wall color isn't coming out true at all, it's a Behr paint called Indulgent Mocha, and it looks like coffee with lots of cream in it.

The sink, toilet, and shower are all functional. The closet will go just to the right of the shower. Probably one full day and this bathroom will be finished. My bathroom has been demoed and is ready to start on.

DS the Younger's wedding quilt is a quilt top now! I added borders today. You can't see the borders in this pic, but there is a narrow inner border of the background Kona Khaki. Outside of that is a dark brown 5" border. I had enough of one green blender fabric to do the backing for this quilt, so that's what I'll do. I have some piecing to do for the backing, and I'm hoping to get it done during the twins naptime tomorrow. That may be wishful thinking on my part, but a girl can dream. 

I find all of the renovations terribly distracting, so I'm not even planning on starting the quilting of this quilt until after the renovations are finished. I would, however, like to have it pin-basted and ready to go before the remodeling is done. I'm getting closer to that goal!

I've been working on Aussie quilt blocks as leaders/enders while assembling this quilt. I have a nice pile of them done and ready to use. I'm not going to try to figure a layout until I have all the Aussie blocks done, and I still have a good sized pile to sew. I'm still not sure how many Aussie quilts I'll end up with, just more than I thought, for sure. I'm pretty sure I've passed the halfway point on the Aussie blocks, it seems like my finished pile is bigger than the to-be-sewn pile now.

Hopefully good things are happening in your lives too!

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Andee said...

Love your Smith Mountain Morning colors! Nice job!