Friday, May 2, 2014

Coming Along

The two quilts I'm working on are coming along nicely. I am almost done piecing the blocks for one of my grandson's quilts.

Here is a sampling of the blocks for Mr. J's quilt. DD#1 just told me to use wheels as my theme, and she wants tilted blocks. I saw the directions of how to make tilted blocks, but honestly, since they still need to be trimmed, I just decided to use larger borders and I'll trim at a tilt. After trimming, I will have some fun skinny triangles to add to my strings. I love to throw some wonky stuff in my string blocks!

There are just over 30 blocks made for this 25 patch quilt. I need 100 blocks, so a long way to go yet, but I have enough to start looking at layout options. This sunshine and shadows layout was my original intention.

I didn't think there would be enough contrast between the blue and green squares to pull off a barn raising layout, but it looks better than I thought it would. It will be at least another month of piecing before I have all 100 blocks done, so I have plenty of time to think about it.
I have been trying to be good, and go downstairs and sew at least one 25 patch block during naptime. On the days I have time to sew for a few hours, I try for at least five blocks. Today I made seven, but it was really sitting too long, even with breaks, and my back is letting me know that was a bad idea. Increasing productivity without overdoing is a fine line to walk.
Next week DH will be gone all week on a scooter trip, so I'm hoping for productive sewing times when I don't have the twins.


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Mary K said...

Your quilts are looking fantastic! If you look at log cabin layouts, you will have tons of ideas.