Friday, May 9, 2014

Yet Another Start

I know I'm starting a lot of quilts with only one finish for the year so far, but all of the quilts I'm working on need to be completed this year. The best I can do right now is use each quilt I need to make as a leader/ender for another. I'm making a fishbowl quilt for my oldest grandson. He'll be five in July, and evidently is obsessed with marine biology, which makes sense since he lives in Cape Town, South Africa, very near the coast.

I took last Sunday to sew all the knocked off corners, and during the week I sewed the tops of the fishbowls onto the main part. Now it's just a matter of sewing on the four background pieces to each block. I'll have all of these blocks finished before I finish my main project, which is still the 25 patch quilt. I'm up to 48 blocks done on the 25 patch quilt, so I'm happy with my progress on that too!

Once I get all the blocks I can done, I'll start assembling quilts, so I can figure out the order I'd like to quilt them. I have a couple baby quilts to make too, neither of which are technically started, but I may be using some blocks I made a while back for one of those.

I'm feeling pretty good about how the sewing is going. None of these quilts will have fancy quilting, so if I can get the tops done, it shouldn't be too hard to finish them up.

It funny, I keep thinking about when I will have more time to quilt, and I realized it will take a couple years just to finish all the things I've put on hold. When sewing time is limited, I tend to only finish what I need by a certain date. My UFO pile has gotten bigger over the last three years, but that's OK too. Right now I'm only working on quilts I need this year, so I'm not making more UFO's right now, but I also don't have any time to work on any. I figure I'll have some easy finishes down the line, when I someday have time to work on them. Until then, they can wait, and I'm not going to stress about it.

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Mary K said...

Cute quilt. Just keep on plugging away.