Friday, May 30, 2014

Working in the Sewing Room, but Not Sewing

I have been pretty busy in the sewing room, but actually have done very little sewing this week. 
I did get the extension on my Arrow Olivia cabinet, or rather DH put the extension on it ;-)

When I had my Bertha cabinet over here, it was hard to access anything stored under the extension, because the back of the Bertha cabinet comes low to the floor. I am very happy my overflowing basket of scraps can fit back under the extension, and its easily accessible should I actually have time to cut up scraps. You can see what's on my utility cart too, mostly upholstery fabrics for the reusable grocery bags I keep planning to make.

I spent one day this week cutting out scrub tops for DH. I've been putting off making him any since the twins were born, so I had this stack of fabrics I had put aside for him, but never got them made. Well, I needed scraps from some of those for a project, and I didn't know how many scraps I actually had until I cut out the shirts. I still don't know when I'll have a chance to make them, but there is a much better chance I will, now that they are all cut out.

I just had a great nephew born yesterday, he got the penguin baby quilt I made a while back. I'm getting a great niece in September, and the above are the alternate blocks and setting triangles for her quilt. I'm going to be using some nine patches for the other blocks, and those are already done.

My other big cutting project this week was for Thousand Pyramid quilts. DD#1 is due with baby #3 in September, and she wanted an elephant quilt in predominantly yellow and gray/grey. I found some elephant fabrics in those colors, plus some blue/teals. Most of the fabrics are pretty modern looking, so I thought a borderless thousand pyramid quilt might be the perfect way to show off the fabrics.

The funny thing is, I have some vintage fabric I bought at a thrift store, that has an Egyptian theme on it, and the colors are yellow, gray/grey, and lime on an off-white background. I had always wanted to do a thousand pyramid quilt with the vintage fabric being the border. Since I was cutting yellows and greys anyway, I just overcut, and grabbed a few lime fabrics to add for the Egyptian quilt, and I cut and cut and cut! You can't tell in this pic, but that stack of equilateral triangles is several inches thick. I have no size requirements for the Egyptian quilt, it will just be whatever size it ends up. Overcutting for a quilt I need, is the easiest way for me to make donation quilts. I've ended up with as many as four extra quilts when I seriously overcut for a project. I don't ever stress about overcutting, obviously since I do it on purpose. If I end up with a few extra units, I just toss it in the orphan box, and they can come into play at a later date. If I end up with a whole extra quilt, that's perfect, because I happily donate it and it can go to someone who needs it.

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