Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ducks in a Row

I'm going on a trip to see my parents soon, and I'm trying to get everything to a good starting place for when I get back. I've pin-basted two quilts in the last week, and I plan to pin-baste one more tomorrow. I just finished that quilt top today. This coming weekend I am planning on doing most of the cutting for an upcoming quilt. When I get home from my trip, I'll be all set for a both a sewing and a piecing spree.

I've also been getting a couple projects to the next step. Remember all those trimmed HST's?

I was playing around with ideas for these pink HST's with really scrappy backgrounds, and decided on these. I have no idea what that block is called, though I keep feeling like I should know it. That's one of the things I love about HST's, especially using them in 16 patches, you can make SO many different designs with them!

I had no idea how many of the pink HST's I had, so I just made blocks until I ran out. I ended up with 21 blocks, so I guess I had at least 336 of them! I think 20 of these set 4x5 will make a good baby quilt after I add some sashing and cornerstones.

I also finished making depression blocks when I ran out of the HST's with WOW backgrounds.

I ended up with 110 of these blocks, which means I had 1,760 bonus HST's with WOW backgrounds! This number of blocks leaves me in a bit of a quandary. I didn't think I'd end up with this many blocks, and my original idea was to make a wall hanging for my sewing room. The largest the wall hanging could be in the space I want to put it is 72 blocks, though I could make something smaller as well. The thing is, do I want to make it small enough that I have enough blocks left over for a baby quilt, or should I just set it 10x11 and make a throw sized quilt? I haven't decided what to do yet, and I'm putting these aside for now anyway. My next two piecing projects will use a dark piecing thread, so it's not time to push these leaders/enders any further right now.
^Remember when my bonus HST collection looked like this?

Now it's down to this! I have plans to use the HST's in the three rows to the right in Lady of the Lake blocks, but I need to make some large HST's before I can make those.

I finished both a 6,000 yard cone and a cone 1400m cone of Aurifil this week.

Last, but not least, we bought a new mini-van this week! It's a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan, and since the 2015's are out, we got a pretty good price on it. Love that dark red!

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Mary K said...

I love the two blocks you made. I really like the depression blocks. I will need to make a block to remind me of it. I jave a bunch of 1 inch finished bonus 1/2 squares that need a pattern. Good mini quilt.