Thursday, October 16, 2014

Third Wedding in a Year

DD#2 was married in December, DS the Younger in March, and now we had "Adopted" DD#4 married on October 11. Before anyone thinks it's mean of me to point out she's adopted, notice the quotes, she's not adopted legally, she has her own family, we just kind of casually adopted her into ours too. She's not my only "adopted" kid, I have several, but two I am especially close to, and this is one of those.

"DD#4" was stuck on a venue, and since DS the Younger successfully married on our backyard, we offered it to DD#4 too. So this past weekend we had another wedding in our backyard!

Tardis-esque lanterns painted by DD#3. The couple are Dr. Who fans, and these lanterns got a Dr. Who makeover for this wedding, after having made an appearance in DD#2 and DS the Younger's weddings. Re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle!
Getting the tables ready for the wedding. Once the tables were set, I knew we had it under control.

Looking good!

 Everything ready to go, gift table in the back is even starting to fill up!

 Sweetheart table. I made runners for some tables, and square table toppers for others.

Check out the flowers in the centerpieces! DD#2 made these out of old comic books. If you look closely, you'll see tardis fabric around the bottom of the vase, and some dice thrown around because the groom is a big tabletop gamer.
The ceremony. DD#2 was the Matron of Honor, and DS the Elder was a groomsman.

Mr. and Mrs. Gibbner
No time to rest after the wedding, because Sunday we had a scooter event, that ended at our house! I had the dishwasher going before the wedding was over, and because the tables and chairs weren't getting picked up until Monday, we could leave those where they were.
Sunday while DH was riding with his club, I was busy trying to put away some of the wedding stuff, putting the meat DH had smoked earlier into crock pots, and making all the sides for the BBQ. Since I knew I'd be tired after the wedding, I planned accordingly, and made sides that took a bit less work. For dessert I made brownies, and had gallons of ice cream with various toppings available, a nice sundae bar.
Now that a few days have passed, the house is pretty much back to normal. Toys are once again scattered in the living room and backyard. All the wedding paraphernalia has been dealt with, whether boxed up to go to it's rightful owner, or put away here in my house. The guest bed has been changed and all the laundry and dishes caught up.  Honestly, I'm still tired from the weekend's festivities, even though it's now Thursday. It's a good tired though, a satisfied, that was fun kind of tired.
Today I even got back to quilting! I have three quilts that need to be pin-basted before DH and I fly to visit my parents on the 28th. I usually only pin-baste when the twins are gone to their other grandmother's house, and this afternoon was one of those times. I always wonder why women crawl around on the floor to pin-baste a quilt. I always drape mine over the kitchen table, and rarely have any problems at all. I pin-baste everything on the table's surface, then move the quilt as needed, smoothing, smoothing, smoothing the layers after each move. If I had to crawl around on the ground to pin-baste a quilt, I'd never get it done. This way, I just move from chair to chair around the table, pinning all I can reach before moving to the next chair. Occasionally I stand to reach the center of the table, but this way is much easier on my back and knees than getting on the floor would be. You can see my tablet on the table, I was watching (more listening) to Star Trek Voyager on Netflix while pin-basting. I used a king sized poly batting I picked up at a thrift store for $3.
This was the largest quilt I needed to baste. One of the quilts I need to baste is still in blocks, but I plan on getting it into a quilt top this weekend. The other that needs to be basted is a completed quilt top, with a pieced backing ready to go.


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