Monday, September 21, 2015

Room Redo

What a busy weekend, and we had a few unexpected things come up too, which really made it crazy. We didn't finish all we had planned to do in the twin's room, but we did get most of it done.

First I'll show you the before pics. The twin's room is about 10x10, but not quite square. It's actually a little short of ten feet in one direction, and a little longer in the other.

The old beds were in an "L", which we hated, because they were constantly bothering each other when they were supposed to be going to sleep.

The dressers I like, but toy storage leaves much to be desired.

The closet without doors, linens and such stored at the top. Toys on the bottom.

Now for some after pics.

Mr. L is all about cars, he's a little car genius. The other day he heard a car start in a garage in a strange neighborhood, and he asked if the Camaro was leaving now. The garage door went up, and sure enough, it was a Camaro. He had no way of knowing that house had a Camaro, he recognized the engine sound. We have an app on our phones that he loves, where you can hear a bunch of different engines. He knows all the engines on that app. He can identify an amazing number of cars on sight too. His favorite cars are Mustangs, thus the Mustang sign over his bed.

Under his bed is also all about cars. We got him the road rug, and his toy cars are in the bins on the shelves. You can't see it in this pic, but DH put a light up under the bed, that they can turn on with a switch. The outlet itself has a safety cover, so they can't play with the plugs or outlet.

The dressers were moved in front of the window, and the window got new curtains.  The twins had broken the blinds on their window, and with the new higher beds, I didn't want them to have access to any cords, so I took down the blinds completely, and put up blackout curtains. Obviously they don't block all the light, but good enough to nap in there.

Miss S has baby animals on her side of the room.

Under her bed we made her a couch area, with a bunch of throw pillows. She likes to make herself nests. DH hadn't put up her light yet when I took this pic, so the outlet safety cover is still on the ground in this photo, but she now has a light and had no access to the outlet.  She got a sling style bookshelf under her bed, and soon I'll be adding some other storage under there too.

The toy kitchen is a huge hit with both the twins, but the only place it fits is at the end of Miss S's bed. They still have plenty of space to play at the kitchen.

I managed to get the curtain up on the closet, but we didn't get the two shelves up that I want in the closet. Maybe sometime this week...

The other things that didn't get done? I have curtains to add to the area under their beds, allowing them some private space when they close them. Their beds are low loft beds, it's only 32 inches under their beds, so they have to sit to play under their beds, they are too tall to stand under them.

We are going to be putting up glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, and those closet shelves, and then it will be done. It needs a new coat of paint, but I just think it's not worth it now. I did wash the walls, and took off the random stickers they had stuck on the walls. Maybe by the time we get around to painting it, we can agree on a color for the room, so far we are completely undecided.

Wondering what the twins thought? They were really happy with their new room!

 We got new living room furniture a couple weeks ago, and the old double school desk I was using as a coffee table no longer fit. We picked up this little table, and two stools for the twins. I liked that the stools could go completely under the table when the twins aren't using them.

The twins weren't sure what to think of the new stools, so they tried them as hats first ;-)

Goofy kids!

Here is the video showing the twins first look at their new room if you are interested.

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