Thursday, September 3, 2015

Borders On!

Those quilt centers I showed last post? Yup, they all have borders! I only took photos of the corner, so you could get an idea of what I did.

Granny's quilt got a purple inner border (looks blue in the pic, but it's purple) and the piano key border I made out of her extra sashing pieces. The blocks are an odd size, because of that four patch on point, so I just chopped off the borders wherever they needed to be cut, the piano keys didn't go evenly.

 Aussie quilt 2.0 got an inner border to match the neutral in the blocks, and the same Aussie fabric I used for the first Aussie quilt as an outer border. I only have a few small scraps of that border fabric left, which will be cut down and go in my scrap user system.

The pineapple quilt got three borders, a black inner border, a chevron border, followed by a wide black border. I am leaning towards doing a wavy edge finish on this quilt, but I needn't decide for sure until after it's quilted.

The fourth quilt center I can't show also has borders on it. I cut backings from yardage for both the pineapple quilt, and the one I can't show yet. I still have a couple seams to sew on the backings, but I often don't do that until the day I am going to pin-baste. I don't like having to press the huge pieces multiple times, so if I wait and piece a backing from yardage that just needs one or two seams right when I'm going to pin-baste it, I only have to press it once.

Both Granny's quilt and Aussie quilt 2.0 are now hanging in my quilt closet. I know I won't get around to quilting them this year. The other two must be finished this year.

I am still plugging away at the wedding quilt too. I have 8 of 11 rows done now. I'd like to get it together this weekend, so my three deadline quilts will be ready for pin-basting.

I don't think I've put up any photos of my latest acquisition. This Kingston ZigZag machine is peach and grey. I know the colors are different on different monitors. In my quest to pretty up my sewing room and eliminate a bunch of plastic containers from in there, I am displaying a few vintage machines on top of my fabric cabinets. I had the toy machines DD#3 got me in a different place, but until a get a few more vintage machines I want to display, I moved them up there. I am hoping to find a vintage machine in each color. I'm looking for a red, the Kingston can be my orange, I need a yellow, I have a green one up there, blue should be easy, and I might be able to find a lavender machine for purple.

This weekend my main goal is to get that wedding quilt to be a completed quilt top, so I can switch to basting and quilting instead of piecing. I am assembling a couple misc. quilts as leaders/enders, while my main project is the wedding quilt.

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phxquilt said...

Your quilts are amazing!It looks like the first quilt is a disappearing 9-patch with the square in a square as the 4 corners of the 9 patch. I like the pattern.