Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Weekends of Madness

The next three weekends will be fun, exciting, and exhausting! Doesn't exhausting usually follow fun and exciting?

This coming weekend is the twins room redo. I'll be taking before and after pics. We debated on painting, but after they got into the markers last week and colored some things they shouldn't have, we decided to wait on new paint. Maybe when they are a bit older, it would be a better time for new paint.

I finished the projects I wanted to make for their room redo.

The green fabric is a pillow sham, covering a standard pillow. I'm doing Miss S's side of the room in pink and purple, with splashes of green. The pillows are for a reading nook, and I also bought a big furry, purple pillow for that. I debated adding trims to the pillows, but with the way she picks at trims on her clothes, I decided plainer was better. Her side of the room is getting decorated with baby animal stuff.

We took the closet doors off their closet a while back, they kept closing the door on their twin, and holding the door closed, so *poof*, no doors, no problems. I've got stuff stored at the top of their closet, and it doesn't look great, so I made what is essentially a valance for the top of their closet. It's just long enough to cover the messy part. We are adding some shelves to their closet for toy storage. The valance I made is green to go with their new curtains.

Mr. L's side of the room is going to be car themed, and colors of mainly blue and green.

Miss S's bed quilt is mostly purple, and Mr. L's is mostly blue, and there is nothing wrong with them, so I chose colors that worked well with what they already had. I felt like green was my best option for middle of the room stuff, like the curtains.

Tomorrow is the big Ikea run to buy their new beds.

Hopefully we'll get everything done for their room this weekend as planned.

Next weekend, we are throwing a going away party for DS the Younger who joined the Army. We're expecting 30-35 people for that. His party will be on Saturday, and DD#2's birthday dinner will be Sunday, with about 13 people.

The third weekend of madness will be a big scooter event that always ends at our house for a Kansas City style BBQ. I'm guessing we'll have 40 people for that, but I'll cook for at least 50, since we're never sure until the day of the event.

I get a couple weekends off after that, before I am co-hosting a bridal shower, here of course. God blessed us with a house, and we try to use it to bless others.

Amidst all the chaos, I need to be quilting the three deadline quilts, which are all basted now. I am almost 1/3 done quilting the first one.

You know, I think I am just a little more tired just typing about all of that. It's all good, and it will be fun. People keep telling me my life will slow down someday, but so far, that day is not even close.

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