Thursday, August 27, 2015

How Many Seams Does It Take?

How many seams does it take to get four quilt centers together? A few very long seams. I spent several hours sewing today, and I got four quilt centers together. I can show you three of them.

Pineapple quilt, that now needs three borders, which are ready to be sewn on.

Aussie quilt 2.0. I made DS the Elder a quilt out these Aussie fabrics, and liked them in these large blocks so well, I cut up the remaining fabric to make more blocks. I had enough of the original border fabric for this quilt too, it will just be a narrower border. Two borders total will be going on this quilt, again, ready to go.

DH's maternal grandmother had started a project before she passed away, and I'm not quite sure of her intention, as her notes didn't match up with what I had. She made the four patches on point, with sashing on two sides. She may have wanted to straight set them, being as I had a ton of extra sashing and cornerstone pieces. I opted for a setting with more movement, and used all the cut sashing pieces to make a piano key border. She rarely made large bed quilts, but since that's usually what I make, I opted to go that route. I'll be adding two borders onto this quilt too, and they are ready to go.

The fourth quilt I can't show right now, but it will get two borders, the outer one of which is pieced and ready, the inner border I need to cut. I keep debating between two different fabrics for the inner border. The indecision has kept me from prepping it.

I started sewing together the wedding quilt into rows as I was assembling. You'd think I would be almost out of quilts ready to assemble, but not even close. I have at least 8 more quilts at the assembly stage. I need to get the wedding quilt into a top, the wedding is in November, and I have at least one more quilt I'd like to get to top stage right now, but I may have to buckle down and get to quilting after that. I plan on quilting three quilts ASAP, all with deadlines, then I have some non-quilting projects I need to work on before quilting any more.

I told you after a while of nothing looking like much, I'd have a bunch come together at once. For me, that's the thing about using leaders/enders, I work on a second quilt as leaders/enders while I work primarily on the first. If I finish the second quilts blocks first, and I don't have time to make it the primary project to assemble it, I start a third quilt. After a while, things hit critical mass, and I just have too many projects ready to assemble, so I take the time to do that. It looks like I did a bunch of stuff all at once, but actually, most of the quilts were made as leaders/enders over months. I'll have to have another quilt assembly spree next year, to get a few of my others into quilt tops. I try to quilt at least one extra top every time I do a quilting spree, and it keeps the UFO count at a dull roar.


Kristie said...

Beautiful! Lot's of progress!

phxquilt said...

Wonderful quilts! Your organization still amazes me.