Friday, August 14, 2015

Baby at Sea

I finished the baby quilt top I showed in the last post. I have several ocean fabrics in stash, but none of them were exciting me for a border for this quilt. The lighthouse fabric caught my eye, and I liked how it picked up the colors of the seahorses and fish in the blocks. It's nice to have these pieces into a quilt top, instead of cluttering up the surfaces in my quilt room.

I measured the top, wrote it down on a piece of paper, pinned it to the quilt top, and hung it in the closet. I started writing down the quilt top measurements for a couple reasons. I like to piece batting scraps, and knowing what size quilts need to be quilted gives me a size to shoot for. I also like to piece backings, and knowing the size also helps with piecing a backing. Skirt hangers are my personal favorite way to hang quilt tops. This quilt isn't that big, so when it's turn to be quilted comes around, it will be a quick finish.

 The fabric I ordered for table runners for one of my "adopted" daughter's November wedding arrived. Her wedding colors are yellow and teal, so I think this will look nice.

I have over 80 blocks of the wedding quilt done now! I either really miscounted, or I have a pile of 40 HST's misplaced in the quilt room. I had enough fabric remaining to make 40 more HST's, so it's not a big deal, but still, I'm hoping I miscounted instead of having all those HST's to find a use for later. It is a dark/dark color combination, so not as easy to use as most extra HST's. I'm hoping by next weekend, I'll have all the wedding quilt blocks done.

I still haven't figured a layout for the pineapple quilt, but this weekend should be a good time to do that. DH is off this weekend (a rarity), so I probably won't sew much, but will likely have enough time to figure a layout for the pineapple quilt.

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