Monday, November 23, 2015

An Autumn Wedding

God heard the prayers for good weather for the wedding! It was 76F, a little windy, and sunny. The venue had lovely grassy areas, with lots of trees dropping their yellow leaves in the breeze.

This is one of my favorite photos from the wedding that I've seen so far. The bride was just out of the groom's sight, and they were praying together before the ceremony.

Here's a photo of the twins getting ready for yet another stint at flower girl/ring bearer. These kids should be pros at this by now, it's their third time doing it.

The twins loved playing in the leaves! The trees in our yard don't change color, they just fall off, so they had a blast filling Mr. L's cowboy hat with leaves, throwing them up in the air and yelling, "It's autumn!"

DH and I only managed to dance one dance at the wedding, because we were busy doing things, but we got to do the anniversary dance. If you've never heard of it, all the married couples start out on the dance floor, and the DJ announces different increasing time periods, one day, one month, six months, 1 year, 2 years, etc... If you've been married less than that amount of time, you have to leave the floor, so obviously, the bride and groom are the first gone. Surprisingly, we were the last on the floor with almost 32 years. There were actually a couple people married longer than us at the wedding, but they didn't dance, so we won that by default. All I could think was, "I don't feel old enough to be one of the longest lived couples." ;-)

While I was busy with wedding stuff, a fabric fairy came and dumped more fabric in my sewing room.

The fabric fairy was really my MIL, and she decided the quilts she had planned on making were never going to happen, so she passed the fabric on to me, knowing I'd use it.

Oh, and those sunbonnets?

Here are the other five, before I added lace and ties. They are all finished now, and on their way to South Africa.

This is the granddaughter the sunbonnets are for. Using dirt as sunscreen is and interesting technique, but I'm hoping the sunbonnets will keep her really pale skin from burning.

I finished washing up all the wedding linens today, and I repacked the decorations that ended up at my house. The newlyweds can pick it all up after their honeymoon.

I finally managed to go to the grocery last night, and pick up what I'll need for Thanksgiving dinner. I already know I forgot a couple things, but at least the turkey is thawing in the fridge! It's a small gathering this year, I think around 13 for dinner, and 17 for dessert. Perhaps by the weekend, I'll be back to sewing.

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