Friday, November 6, 2015

Wedding Preprations

Another wedding I'm helping with, more wedding stuff to do. This week we got all the wedding favors finished, I did some minor alterations on the petticoats, and I made the garter.

The bride wanted a hot pink and camo garter, so here it is. The camo fabric is scraps from the wedding quilt.

I still need to make the table runners for the head tables, but that will have to wait until the weekend. DD#3 and the twins are going to a comicon this weekend, and although they thought they'd be able to find a hooded cape to go with Miss S's costume, they didn't, so guess who is making hooded capes tomorrow, so they can use them the next day. Mr. L's costume doesn't require a cape, but as soon as he heard his sister was getting one, he wanted one too. I only have one day to make two hooded capes, so we went and bought some fleece so I didn't have to bother with hemming. I cut it really close on the amount of fleece I bought, so no scraps to deal with.

It's been a sad week around here. We had to put down our dog, the litter-mate to one we lost earlier this year. Those two dogs were so important to our family, having them both gone just breaks my heart. We got 12 years with one, and almost 12 1/2 with the other, and for their size, that is a good long life. I hope they are playing together over the rainbow bridge.

We still have one dog in the house, DD#3's puppy, who is quite the troublemaker. I'm hoping he calms down a bit as he gets a bit older. Just this week he has chewed up a Super Soaker, 2 bottle of bubbles, two dog dishes and a fly trap. He's not even a little puppy, he's ten months old now. We give him all kinds of chewies all the time, but he always finds something he's not supposed to chew on. The twins are already begging to put up the Christmas tree, but I'm wondering if the puppy is going to eat it. If anyone has any insight for us on taming an aggressive chewer, let me know. He's already been to obedience training, and will leave it when we tell him to, but as soon as we aren't watching, he's back at it.

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