Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Misc. Projects

I finished the last of the wedding projects, for the wedding on November 21st.

I made four of these table runners, to go on the tables that the bridal party will sit at. They are all starched and pressed, and wrapped around a cylinder so they won't wrinkle.

I finally got around to making some sun bonnets for my youngest grandchild. She's a redhead, and fair as can be, so keeping her covered in the sun is a necessity.

This is the only one completely finished, but three more are started, and I have two more cut out, so she'll get six total. I'm hoping to get them finished this weekend, so I can mail the last Christmas package to South Africa next week. It's spring there, so the sunbonnets should come at a good time, just in time for summer.

Besides finishing the sunbonnets, I'm not likely to have any sewing time in the next two weeks, with company coming, a wedding to help with, then Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving I'll be starting the mystery quilts, and ramping up the Christmas sewing. It will be busy for the foreseeable future.

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