Thursday, August 25, 2016

Creative Storage

I'm starting to rearrange storage things in our house. I'm glad I've been on a year long purge, because I can now reclaim storage spaces that I had mostly emptied out, but hadn't reused.

I haven't started moving much of my sewing room yet, I've more been working on the main floor. We decided to change a few things in our addition plans, which will make the new master suite much more functional, but will mean I will lose even more storage! I've been working on that problem all day, and I think I've got a workable solution now. I'm rearranging our huge walk in pantry, which thankfully will be staying intact, and by doing that, I'll be creating space for the things in the outside storage room that need to be moved inside. I haven't figured out plans for everything in the outside storage room, but I think a lot of it will be given away, and what's remaining should be able to fit in the space I've cleared. I also will be moving one of the sets of shelves that needs to be moved into the pantry. I am so thankful we have that pantry.

I'm determined to get rid of an entire set of shelves, four foot wide shelves we've had since before our youngest was born (he's 23). Those shelves go all the way to the ceiling, and they hold a ton of stuff, but I'm determined for them to go! I'm thinking quite a bit of stuff off of those will be heading for charity.

All storage solutions and no sewing makes for a cranky quilter, so I've snuck in some sewing too! I still have those deadline quilts looming.

I got the quilt top finished for my grandson due in December. I've also finished all the quilt blocks for my niece's wedding quilt. I hope to get it laid out this weekend.

I've started adding borders to the night fairy quilt for my youngest granddaughter. The stars weren't sewn on at this point, but they are now. Another periwinkle border is next, followed by the larger star border, followed by a fairy fabric border. I think this quilt is going to be a fun one!

I'm using the other two baby quilts I need done this year as my leader/ender project, and I'm hoping that by the time I've got the night fairy quilt and the wedding quilt assembled, I'll have at least one other baby quilt top finished too. If I can get these quilt tops done, I know I can get them quilted by the deadlines. I may not be doing the quilting I'd like to be doing on them, but finished is better than perfect! I have noticed that non-quilters are usually just happy to have a quilt, and most aren't concerned if the quilting is simple.

This photo has been floating around the internet, and I have no idea who took it, or who the little girl is. The thing is, DD#1 could be her twin! I sent DD#1 the photo, and she made a collage with pics of her side by side with this girl.

The two photos on the left are DD#1 when she was young, and the other is the photo floating around online! I think it's an uncanny resemblance, how about you?

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