Sunday, August 7, 2016

Reaching for the Stars

Well, maybe not reaching for the stars, but sewing them! I'm done all the small stars now, and I have four more styles of large stars left, one of which I'm about half done.

My latest stars for Miss A's quilt. If I hadn't been going for a more realistic star look, I would have used greater contrast fabrics, and they would look completely different. Maybe one of these days, I should make a super scrappy star quilt using the same star patterns.

I haven't touched the wedding quilt units since my last post, but I'm almost done the simple leader/ender quilt blocks I was working on. Since I'm almost out of pieces, I counted up, and I'll have 63 blocks, so I'll set it 7x9. I have enough pieces to make 65 blocks, but I don't see the point of making two extra blocks since they won't be used. I could make 64, and set 8x8, but I don't want this quilt square.

A few complications have creeped up in life, and it's changed the order in which I need to finish my deadline quilts. Now I don't need to have Miss A's night fairy quilt done as soon, but I need to get some of the other quilts done ASAP, because I might not have much time October-December to do much sewing. Life is always bringing up surprises, and I'll get done as much as I can, but if I can't get it all done, than I can't. I am determined to get the night fairy quilt into a top before I put it aside. Then I'll work on my niece's wedding quilt, and start on the three baby quilts as leaders/enders. Baby quilts are usually pretty easy to knock out, and if I can cross three things off my list, I bet I'll feel a lot more accomplished!

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